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Keynote speaker: His Excellency Mr Amre Moussa, General Secretary of the League of Arab States The evolution of regional satellite broadcasting within a global context: the implications for the Arab world (presented by Dr. M. Abdul-Aziz, Director Media Department, Arab League - Cairo).

Saturday 2 November

Introductory paper: Mapping the present Arab satellite broadcastingbr> Chair Dr Naomi Sakr (London, UK)
Speaker Prof. Abdallah Schleifer (AUC, Cairo)
Discussant Mr Fadi Ismail (MBC Dubai)

Impact on national and regional politics with reference to fragmentation and integration

Impact of satellite broadcasting on national politics
Chair: Dr Charles Melville (Director of CMEIS - Cambridge)

Speaker: Dr Jon Alterman (Washington DC.)
Discussant: Mr Jihad Al Khazen (Al-Hayat newspaper)

Impact of satellite broadcasting on regional politics

Chair: Dr. M. Abdul-Aziz (Arab League - Cairo)
Speaker: Dr. Mohamed Zayani (American University of Sharjah)
Discussant: Dr Mahmoud Abdul Fadil (University of Cairo)

Lunch at Pembroke College, Cambridge

The Impact of Satellite Television on Culture and Value System in Arab Countries: Perspectives and Issues

Chair Mr Fadi Ismail (MBC - Dubai)
Speaker: Dr Mohammad Ayish (University of Sharja)
Discussant: Dr Emad El-Hadi (London, UK)

Impact of satellite broadcasting on Arab communities abroad

Chair: Dr Magda Baraka (Brussels)
Speaker: Mr Khaled Hroub (University of Cambridge, UK)
Discussant: Dr Ghada Karmi (London, UK)

Theme three

Sociological implications

Sociological implications of regional broadcasting for Arab societies
Chair: Prof. Abdallah Schleifer (AUC, Cairo)
Speaker: Dr Hussein Amin (AUC/Cairo)
Discussant: Mr Trevor Mostyn (London, UK)


Sunday 3 November

The Economic Impact of Arab Satellite Broadcasting
Chair: Dr Sommer Al-Asad (Head of ANN, London)
Speaker: Dr Mahmoud Abdul Fadil (University of Cairo)
Discussant: Mr Rashid Al-Murooshid (Head of Dubai Business Channel, Dubai)

Theme five


State versus private ownership: implications for the present and future
Chair: Sir Roger Tomkys ((University of Cambridge, UK)
Speaker: Dr Naomi Sakr (London, UK)
Discussant: Dr Hussein Amin (AUC/Cairo)

Coffee break
Theme six:

Case studies

The centrality of live talks in Arab satellite broadcasting
Chair: Dr Jon Alterman (Washington DC)
Speaker: Dr Faysal Al-Qasem (Al-Jazeera/Qatar)
Discussant: Mr Jasim Al-Azzawi (Abu Dhabi Channel, UAE)

Entertainment Broadcasting: meeting popular demand or generating 'moral decadence'?

Chair: Dr Basim Musallam (University of Cambridge, UK)
Speaker: Miss Selwa Kazwini (London, UK)
Discussant: Dr Magda Baraka (Brussels)

Lunch at Queens College, Cambridge

Then meeting continue at the Ramsden Room in St Caths

Islamic broadcasting: content, audience and impact
Chair: Dr Emad El-Hadi (London, UK)
Speaker: Mr Maher Abdualla (Al-Jazeera/Qatar)
Speakr: Dr Abdul Kadir Tash (Iqra ART)

Broadcasting under occupation the case of Palestinian broadcasting
Chair: Mr Trevor Mostyn (London)
Speaker : Dr Daoud Kuttab (Palestine)
Speaker : Dr Nabeel Al-Khatib (MBC - Palestine)

Coffee break

The view from the Gulf, and the view from the Maghreb
Chair: Dr Naomi Sakar (London, UK)
Speaker: Mr Rashid Al-Murooshid (Head of Dubai Business Channel, Dubai)
Speaker: Dr Ahmad Al-Abadi (University of Marrakech)

Dinner at La Casbah, The Algerian restaurant, Cambridge